Autumn 2013 Studio Resources

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Assignment 1: Insight, In Site
Assignment 2: Precedent Studies
Assignment 3: Life + Space + Building Site Analysis Workshop
Assignment 4: Concept & Schematic
Assignment 5: Design Development & Midterm
Assignment 6: Final Review

Insight, In Site Poster
University District Urban Design Framework
University Heights Master Plan
University Heights Open Space Improvements

Student Work
Insight, In Site
Masking the Alley, Flickr Site
Insight, In Site, UW Architecture Blog
Alley Mini Golf
Chalk This Way
Masking the Alley
Note in a Box
On the Fence

Precedent Studies
Ama’r Childrens House
Bananna Park
Bellajov Adventure Playground
Guldberg Byplads
Hauser Plads
Kalvebod Bolge
Kastrup Sea Bath
Norreport Station
Prismen Green Gym
Royal Danish Playhouse
The City Dune SEB Bank + Pension Headquarters

Fun Links
PlayScapes Student Entries
PlayScapes Winning Entry
Koge Urban Play Video
Bettina Lamm: Urban Play Video
Ecosistema Urbano: Energy Producing Kinetic Carousel
Community Matters: 75 Seriously Fun Ways to Make Your Town More Playful
Creative Placemaking: Swinging in the City
Tackling Climate Change: Copenhagen’s Sustainable City Design (The Guardian)
“Before I Die” Walls, in Atlantic Cities
“Our public spaces are as profound as we allow them to be,” Chang writes in the book’s introduction. She shares detailed instructions for creating a “Before I Die” wall in print and online.
A Brief History of How Complete Streets Became Hip, in Atlantic Cities
Janette Sadik-Khan: “Do bold experiments that are cheap to try out.”