2022 Bellingham’s New Waterfront: Proposals for a Model Climate District


Final Publication

The 2022 Scan Design Foundation Master Studio in Urban Design and Landscape Architecture spent Fall 2022 imagining new futures for the Bellingham Waterfront, a post industrial brownfield site at the mouth of Whatcom Creek.

In September, studio participants traveled to Denmark and Sweden. The study tour focused on ecologically adaptive design, green stormwater management and the more ineffable elements of design that work for people — design for community and for a joyful and playful public realm. We analyzed how these elements work together to create vibrant public space that is both physically resilient and strengthens community resilience by fostering community connections, connection to the land and an understanding of waste, energy, water and other critical systems.

In our travels, students explored many sites by bike, foot and rail that share several of the key opportunities and constraints present on the Bellingham Waterfront. This formed a base of knowledge that informed site design back in Washington.

Once back in Seattle, the students completed precedent studies, visited the Bellingham waterfront, met with community members, and analyzed the underlying site context. This research created the foundation for the development of group site proposals. During the quarter students received a wealth of feedback and insight from our master teacher Louise Grassov, and countless community representatives, and design professionals both in Washington and Denmark. We are excited to share the work with you!

Final Review Proposal Presentations